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We have successfully helped thousands of patients over the years realise their dream of becoming parents. With the use of the latest technologies and highly-qualified doctors and staff we can make your fertility journey a little bit easier.

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Our highly-qualified staff are always prepared and glad to assist. We believe that only the best is good enough for you, and nothing less.

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Compared to other top fertility centres in the country, we rank at the top for quality care at an affordable price.

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Due to exceptional care and a patient-friendly environment, we offer treatment to all international couples. You’re in good hands.

Over the years Pretoria Fertility Centre has evolved to become a leading fertility centre in South Africa. We constantly invest in equipment with the latest technology. Our strength lies in our teamwork.


Having a family changes your life forever; our patients are evidence of that. Hear what these happy patients have to say.

“our precious gifts.”

After facing infertility for a total of 11 years, we have been blessed with 3 beautiful girls via IVF. One singleton pregnancy and then twins. Thank you so much to Dr Trouw and the Pretoria East Fertility Centre for all the love, care, patience and willingness to...

“IVF was one of our most challenging experiences.”

Dear Dr Trouw & team Going through IVF was one of our most challenging experiences. Thank you for the part each and every one of you played to help make our road to parenthood easier, thank you for taking every step with us. Today we are blessed with three amazingly...

“I was embraced into a family”

My fertility journey began sadly almost ten years ago where I sought out various Doctors , OB GYN's and any doctor who indicated they could be of help to my husband and I. Numerous tests , hospital stays and many times my husband and I were rushing with samples to the...

Some of our Miracle Babies

Over the years, many little bundles of joy have entered the world with our help. We couldn’t be more proud.

Treatment Options

With our wide-variety of infertility treatment plans available, we are surely able to assist you along your fertility journey. It can be overwhelming, so don’t hesitate to contact us to advise you on the next steps you can take. 

In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

IVF was developed to treat infertility caused by tubal damage, endometriosis, sperm disorders and unexplained factors.

Artificial Insemination

IUI is useful for achieving pregnancy in couples with severe sexual dysfunction, low sperm count or tubal damage.

Embryo, Egg, Sperm Freezing

Cryopreservation can be done for many reasons including fertility preservation, medical conditions or logistical reasons. 


Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis is generally used to detect genetic anomalies where one or both partners of a couple are carriers of a genetic condition.

Reproductive Surgery

Reproductive surgery includes laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, myomectomy (fibroid removal.) These surgeries are done for various diagnostic and treatment reasons. 


Endometriosis is a common condition affecting women. The goals of treatment are providing pain relief, restricting progression of the process, and restoring or preserving fertility where needed.

Egg Donation

An anonymous or known egg donor may be used. The patient will receive preparation for embryo transfer and the donor will receive IVF stimulation.

Donor Sperm

Donor sperm is usually indicated for couples with a male fertility factor, same sex couples and single females wanting to start a family.


Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person. There are many reasons one might arrange this.

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