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My fertility journey began sadly almost ten years ago where I sought out various Doctors , OB GYN’s and any doctor who indicated they could be of help to my husband and I. Numerous tests , hospital stays and many times my husband and I were rushing with samples to the blood labs. Terrible sadness followed for many years and hope dwindled to the point of desperation, we had at this time lost countless babies and I refer to them as babies as that is what woman like us feel when we become pregnant or get a positive test result as one is so desperate to have that little miracle to call your own. My husband was so supportive in my “obsession” (felt like that at times) and sat my down to explain that I am now to investigate the best possible fertity Doctor in South Africa as If we were to try for the last time it was going to be with the best we could find which led me to Doctor Trouw and the Fertility team. (Google is fabulous and I felt like a real investigator)! Well, I never forget I called them one day and I had no idea how to state my case , could and one help, how am I going to do this. there are such fears , disappointments in the back of your mind so I came out and asked the secretary ” can you help a woman to have a baby” I’m giggling as I write this as without a beat she answered me of course we can! which instantly put me at ease and my appointment was booked immediately. So my journey began ….. Dr Trouw is a straight shooter which people in my case truly appreciate as I had so much rubbish and broken promises shoved down my throat it was a breath of fresh air , he provided me with facts , blood tests were taken and my options were put on the table! (wow! what a difference I thought finally something is being done differently) even my husband was impressed as I tell you that came as a huge relief as he is a fact man himself so we started the process with Dr Trouw and his fabulous team! I have not one bad word to say except I was embraced into a family of specialised people who shared my fears , hopes and joy and I could ask the same questions as they would never loose patience (try remember though) “smiling” I walked this journey with the team for under a year before I fell pregnant with my baby girl and boy can I tell you after such heart ache one is prettified yet as that belly grows so does the excitement not many can see internally as there is that fear which you try to bury (not many know what you go through emotionally). My story is of hope and if there is one part someone can take from this is that dreams do come true and miracles do happen….. My baby girl was born in 2018 and I never thought it would ever happen for my husband and I and the fertility team which I can only compliment put me at such ease and I always felt like a part of their family and not a number to them. (as I’m sure some can relate) I always felt part of something we were doing and we were gonna get it right was their motto! Don’t wait if you serious get hold of this team and make that appointment as soon as you can!! I am living proof that It can happen for you too Best Wishes.